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Over the past few months, Kristy and I have dinned out more than we usually do – and it’s been great.

We’ve been to the Pig ‘n Whistle, had Mexican from Monte Zoomer’s, I’ve tried Vietnamese from a little place around the corner called Mekong River and I’m sure there are a bunch of places I can’t think of right now… but the best meal I’ve had lately was from the Oxley Hotel – aka The Ox.

From ringing-up and booking a table to the moment we left the place – everything was perfect. The service, staff, decor, facilities, prices, menu items and food were all excellent. The added bonus was that I consumed the largest (and one of the tastiest) steaks I’ve ever seen before – 750g! It was HUGE – I’m sure they must have sliced-off the whole left arse cheek of a cow and whacked it on my plate.

So if you like your gourmet dining where you are served a couple of string beans drizzled with some red wine jus artistically arranged in such a way that almost makes you feel guilty to eat it (until you see the price which makes you want to take home the plate, silverware and table cloth just to get your money’s worth)… then this probably isn’t the place for you.

But if that last paragraph doesn’t apply – then head to the Ox for a meal – you won’t be disappointed.


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