On Friday night we went-out with Heidi to celebrate her Birthday (which is actually on Tuesday).

Had dinner at a Turkish restaurant at South Brisbane called Ahmets which was really nice. The food was great and to follow the Turkish theme, they had a belly dancer performing which was a lot of fun.

After that we caught a city-cat over to the Regatta and drank until close. Another Boeing guy (Al) met-up with us and he was really interesting to talk to (even though I couldn’t hear half the things he was saying because of the noise… and I couldn’t imagine I was that great to talk to because I was a little pissed by the time he arrived). Usually whenever I meet a new Boeing employee, the conversation goes something like this:

Boeing Employee: Hi I’m…
Me: Hi, I’m Pete
Boeing Employee: Do you work for Boeing as well?
Me: No, I run my own business
Boeing Employee: So what do you do?
Me: Web hosting
Boeing Employee: What’s that?
Me: Basically renting space on the internet for business websites as well as registering domain names, setting-up email addresses etc.
Boeing Employee: hrmm… interesting…

And that’s when the conversation usually turns to something non-technical like sport, the weather, something pertaining to the location (eg. this is a great bar/park/bbq etc.).

Well when I met Al, it went like this:

Al: Hi I’m Al
Me: Hi I’m Pete
Al: Do you work at Boeing too?
Me: No, I run a web hosting business… basically what we do is rent space on the internet
Al: really – are you using PipeNetworks in the CBD and I imagine you’d probably spent a fair bit of time on the WebHostingTalk forum. I used to run a few servers myself but I sold my client-base before moving to Boeing. Still do a bit of hosting…

I almost fell off my chair as this guy not only knew about my work, but quite possibly could know more about the intricacies of the industry than I do. It was very surprising, very cool, yet very intimidating at the same time. I’ve been waiting to meet someone that I can actually talk to about hosting in a social environment for ages, but now that I have, I’m shitting myself because I know that if I slip-up, it will make me look like I have no idea what I’m on about.


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  1. most VB flights go by the moto – “if its not a boeing… im not going…”

    But im flying to the UK in 24 sleeps on an Airbus ARRRRG…flying Cathay

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