Two birthday’s in one night


Generally we don’t go to many parties, but ended-up going to two last weekend as we accidentally double-booked ourselves.

The first party was for Kristy’s friend Vicky who we joined for dinner at a place called the Blue Smoke BBQ at New Farm. The place is a traditional American BBQ Rib restaurant where you get buffalo wings as an entree followed by large racks of ribs made of up differing meats and prepared in different ways. If you like big hunks of red meat as much as I do, you’d love the menu at this place. The food was great although the service was a little lacking.

After dinner we proceeded to another party, this one was for Kym’s 30th (another of Kristy’s friends) and was a little less civilised (probably because most of the guests were pretty drunk by the time we arrived… which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it did required a bit of fast drinking to catch-up).

There was one guy there who wasn’t making much sense but kept-on trying to casually insult any guest who would engage in a conversation with him. None of the insults were intended to be serious, mainly just a bit of drunken fun but it turned-out to be great entertainment for me because I haven’t had the opportunity to open a can of psychologically scaring verbal diarrhea on anyone for a while.

The other highlight of the evening involved a bunch of the party guests jumping in the swimming pool in their underwear… at this stage I cannot confirm, nor deny that I was one of the participants involved with this activity.


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