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A while ago I stumbled across an online T-Shirt store called Threadless. They had some pretty cool designs and reasonable pricing but the thing which caught my attention was their t-shirt subscription service called the “12 Month Club”.

Basically the way it works is you sign-up for a t-shirt subscription and they send you a new t-shirt each month. The designs differ from month to month, and the “12 Month Club” t-shirts are only available to members with a subscription (ie. you can’t go into the store and buy one of the 12 Month Club designs… nor can you back-order a design if you really liked it but weren’t a member when you saw it).

I like to be a little different and the ability to own a shirt with a cool design that only a finite number of people have really sucked me in. So as a late birthday present, Kristy purchased me a membership.

When you sign-up for the 12 month club you receive a voucher for $30 (which works-out to be about two shirts) and everytime you upload a photo of you wearing one of their shirts you get credits….

So check it out – “Threadless – nude no more

Here’s a pic of me in my latest threadless shirt:



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