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Unless you’re particularly geeky or travel in online social media circles, you may not know of a site called

For the uninitiated, StumbeUpon is basically like channel surfing the net. Users submit pages to StumbleUpon and tag them based on whatever the page is about. This allows anyone to bring-up a topic of interest (lest say ‘humorous pictures’ for example) and then hit the stumble button to take them to pages submitted that fall into this category. If you really like a page, you can add your 2 cents worth and write a few comments or review the page, otherwise you can continue to stumble other similar pages until you develop a life. As you could imaging, I’m still stumbling pages as the later takes far more effort.

Ok… so now that you know how it works, someone liked my post on Diet Water and submitted it to StumbleUpon. Since the post was submitted earlier this month, I’ve had over 10,000 unique visits to my blog.

If I was running a large e-commerce site or even a blog that was more topical this wouldn’t be that amazing, but given my blog is only really about me and other useless things I find on the net, I’m in awe of how powerful StumbleUpon is for driving traffic.

In my social media experiments and research I had read that it works – now I know first-hand! If you’ve never ventured into StumbleUpon, check it out (just make sure you have a bit of spare time available).

Edit: In my excitement of having so many new visitors, I forgot to pay homage to the person who originally stumbled my post – Thank you Meg! Meg’s blog can be found here:


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  1. That’s great that StumbleUpon worked for you. I’ve had a few hits from StumbleUpon but nothing to really write home about but I don’t think I spend enough time commited to it.

  2. Hey Jen,

    I’ve submitted a few of my own posts before and spent a while stumbling other sites but only really had minor spikes in traffic (roughly 200 or 300 new visitors and usually on the same day I submitted the post)… then things would die-down to normal again.

    The post that generated a weeks worth of huge traffic was actually submitted by someone else – I think that makes a bit of a difference because people think it’s interesting instead of seeing it as a shameless piece of self-promotion.

    I’m going to continue playing with StumbleUpon and try and use it to gain greater exposure for a couple of my work-related sites too, so hopefully I’ll have more success stories in the not-to-distant future.

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