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The last few weeks have been really good because I’ve been able to play a bit more online. When I say ‘play’ I really mean “I’ve been doing my job”… you see, in my role as a search marketer, it’s important I stay on top of internet trends and know what’s going on in the online world.

To some, this would be one of the most boring things imaginable, but when I start reading-up on new and interesting technologies, learning more about how different aspects of the web, search algorithms and social media work, or even just the process of interacting with other like-minded people online is a very enjoyable experience for me.

So over the past few weeks, I’ve made a conscious effort to dive back into the vastness of the interweb and here are some of the less boring things I have to show for it.

For all those people who like to call me a big girl (you’re quite justified in doing so… if I weren’t me, I’d probably call me that as well… hey, who am I kidding, I am me and I still call myself a big girl)… but according to the Gender Genie, my writing style dictates that I am in fact a man. Give it a go and see what sex your writing style is.

I’ve found two cool screensavers – Twingly and TwittEarth. The thing that makes these screensavers cool is that they actually do something interesting and somewhat useful… plus they look geeky cool.

The first one – Twingly shows a 3d visual representation of the worlds blogging activity in realtime. As blog posts are made around the world, their titles pop-up along with a dot on the map showing where the post came from. Check-out the vid showing it in action:

The second screensaver – TwittEarth, is similar but instead of showing blog activity it shows Twitter activity. I like this one cause the little twitter icon/avatars they use are kinda cute.

A couple of months back Facebook made an offer to buy Twitter for $500 million… Twitter turned it down and now the microblogging platform Twitter has been getting more daily traffic than Facebook. For a social media tool that was originally dubbed a waste of time (and if you don’t use it properly, it certainly can be), it’s kicking the butt’s of the big boys.

Anyways, that’s enough chatter about my online activities – offline things have been fairly busy as well.

Last weekend we went around to one of my clients’ place for a BBQ. I have been doing work with this guy long before I started my own company and although he can be annoying at times, he always has the best intentions. Other than a nice feed and some decent conversation, one of the best things about the day was getting to play with his new phone, the HTC Touch Pro. This is now the second person I know who has one of these and from the playing and research I’ve done, I think this will be one of my next geeky purchases.

That’s about it from me… I’m off to surf some porn find some other useful and interesting stuff on the internet.


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  1. Hay Bud, I dont care what Gender Genie says – your still a big girly geek in my books chief !! 🙂

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