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In my last post I mentioned that a local SEO guy was experimenting with some search terms and for a bit of fun he wanted to see if he could rank for “Best looking man in Brisbane”. Given that I love a challenge and thought the idea was really quite good, I thought I’d try and see if I could take the top spot for that term.

After some careful consideration, I decided that I would take that challenge and then raise it so that I’m listed as the Sexiest man in Brisbane as well!

If I manage to convince Google’s algorithm that I’m good looking and / or sexy my next challenge will be to actually convince other humans which is going to be a whole lot harder.


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  1. Well I just couldn’t let a statement like that go unchallenged- not that I am saying that you couldn’t very well be the sexiest man in Brisbane, im just pointing out that there are a few more things you may not have considered – for starters are you referring to just Brisbane, QLD or are you incorporating Brisbane, California? hmm didn’t think that one through did you – you might have the totty of Oz brissy in the bag but did you consider that old brissy California is just teething with potential rivals to your coveted title ??? check out the following photo of the Brisbane Lions Club Annual 4C4 convention in California – got some talent in there – particularly number 5 from the left – is that a bloke or a girl – looks like a girl but I swear it looks like she has a moustache

  2. You raise some very good points and no, I hadn’t considered the competition from our Californian brethren – and it’s lucky too as I don’t think I’d really be able to claim the prize of ‘sexiest man’ if those guys… um… or girls… um… people were from Brisbane QLD Australia

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