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I don’t think I can officially call these “travel plans” as nothing has been booked or even properly organised… simply a collection of ideas with a rough time-frame.

Basically Kristy and I have been wanting to head overseas for the last couple of years (maybe more) and keep putting it off for various reasons – financial being the major one, but have set a goal to head over to the UK and parts of Europe by the end of next year.

So on the weekend we went to Flight Centre’s European Travel Expo at the Brisbane Convention Centre. It was amazingly busy and I didn’t think any of the “special offers” were particularly “special”… but we did gain a lot of brochures containing helpful information about various aspects of European travel which was good.

So far it looks like we’ll probably be heading over in September next year and heading to the UK for 4 or 5 days (to catch-up with my very very good friends Con, Gerard and Chrissy) and then spend the next week and a bit working our way down through France (only for a day or so) then to Italy (for 2 – 3 days) then up through Italy into Germany (for the remaining 2 or 3 days).

Not entirely sure of the logistics of it all and whether we’re dedicated enough time to do all the things we want… not to mention how we’ll make our way from point-to-point.

Last time I was over there we used trains as the major form of transportation between the various countries, but now that there are some very cheap flights it might work-out cheaper (and quicker) to fly… although then we’d miss-out on some of the scenic aspects you get from a cross-country train trip.

So all you international travellers – please post advice and suggestions… very keen to hear all your ideas!


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  1. Bit of general advise that I like to go by (although I have been rather pitiful in my travelling this year so my opinion may count for squat – does the tube count 🙂

    Don’t try to fit too many destinations into one holiday – its better to see a few places comfortably, than a lot briefly. The last place you will want to be is on trains, planes or airports for the bulk of your holiday – unless that train happens to be the trans-Siberian railway and you have a bottle of vodka in your hands, then the journey is essentially as good as the destination and thumbs up on that.

  2. Oh, just remembered the most important piece of advise: don’t forget to take a towel!. basically to bring my two bits of advise together (and I promise the last advise I give today) in one clear example it is this:

    You cant go far wrong if you are somewhere in Siberia on a rail line over a century old, travelling 60+ miles an hour in a Ruský train almost as old as the line, wielding your bottle of vodka like a shot glass, and again the important piece of advise “don’t forget to take your towel” without which (remembering that you are wielding your 90% proof rather than drinking it) you would probably be naked.

    – good solid advise to be sure

  3. Hi from the UK!! I know i must have no life looking at your blog while im here.
    But my partner, Larry, is actually living in Oxford this year so over here to visit for 4 weeks. He is at work and im home with the worst cold so staying in because it is only 8 degrees and raining today! Going to Paris this weekend so trying to get better.

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