Pimp My Ride


On Saturday we Pimp’d Kristy’s ride… As neither of us are car people, we didn’t lower the vehicle, we didn’t install fluorescent lights, or put mag wheels on it. We didn’t increase the performance of the machine by putting in a turbo, inter-cooler, extractors or even adding an exhaust-pipe big enough for me to stick my head in…

Nope, all we did was clip-on new plastic hub caps, put new seat covers in and gave the car a wash… ok… so our pimp’in was pretty weak, but it was still fun and the car does look nicer than it did before we started 🙂

IMG_0008.jpg IMG_0009.jpg IMG_0010.jpg

One of the cool things about the pimp’in was that we used water-less car wash which comes in a spray bottle and you simply spray it on and wipe it off – it did a pretty good job considering there was no hosing and buckets of detergent to worry about.

There’s enough water-less car wash left to do my car, but I’m holding-off on the off-chance that I’ll stumble onto a bunch of sexy bikini clad girls with nothing better to do than wash my car… I don’t like my chances 🙁


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