Pete wants to do more stuff


It’s been a very interesting couple of weeks. A couple of weeks where I’ve taken stock of a few things and decided that, like Oliver Twist, I want some more. More what I hear you ask? How about a bit of everything. How vague does that sound? And that’s kind-of how I feel at the moment. A bit vague, not entirely sure what’s happening… perhaps this is the initial onset of a mid-life crisis (and if it is, I’m a little disappointed as I was hoping to edge more towards insanity instead of getting all serious and emotional)… but hey, who knows. I’m not that old, so perhaps the craziness is yet to come 🙂

All I do know is that after reviewing a few things, I determined that I haven’t been doing quite as much as I’d like. Some of this has been due to pure laziness on my part; some of it has been financial; some of it due to fear and I’ve avoided doing other things thinking that they may get me into trouble or cause issues.

Now don’t get me wrong – It’s not like I’m a recluse that never does anything (despite the obvious amount of time I spend online)… and it’s also important to note that I’m not pointing any fingers or allocating blame to anyone as the reasons for not doing things falls purely on me. If anything, by writing this post, I’m hoping it will act as positive re-enforcement and encouragement to ensure I act on these feelings and actually get out and do the ‘stuff’ I want to do.

This brings me to the other ambiguous point that I think has led me to this juncture – the term ‘stuff’. I want to do more ‘stuff’… but what exactly is this ‘stuff’ that I want to do? That’s hard to say. It could be making more time to catch-up with friends and family that due to life getting in the way, I don’t see anywhere near as much as I should. On the topic of friends, most of mine are old school buddies, some of which I don’t see regularly due to geographic differences… and the rest are joint friends that I’ve made via via Kristy… so perhaps it’s time I get out there and work on turning a few of the acquaintances I have into ‘friends’. Maybe I might see a few more movies, live bands, DJs, do some form of exercise occasionally… and the list goes on and on.

Even though it’s not New Years, nor am I drunk while writing this (which, in itself is odd as I normally only get like this when I’ve had a few), it’s time for a change – bring-on the dares, double dares and physical challenges ’cause Pete wants to do more stuff!


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