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Late last week I got a new toy – a Creative Zen Vision M, 30Gb MP3 player.

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It is awesome… plays music, videos, FM tuner, voice/radio recorder, has an inbuilt organiser… the video quality is better than iPod, the battery life is also better than iPod… it’s a little thicker and heavier than an iPod, but over-all, it’s a fantastic little unit!

The last few days have been filled with me re-organising and tidying-up my MP3 collection – some of the ID tags were wrong, I didn’t have a consistent naming convention for the music etc. etc. So when I tried to add the tracks to my player, they were all over the place… so I’ve been rigorously working to get them into some sort of order and get all the details updated correctly.

So far so good, I’m about half-way through my collection and after that I’m going to dig out my old, dusty pile of CD’s from the garage and I’ll start ripping my fav’s and add them to the collection too.


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