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Yesterday I went to purchase a new mobile phone.

Telstra had confirmed my current mobile contract had ended, I researched the phones available, and all the various plans… selected a phone… called my local TelstraShop to ensure they had it in stock… got them to double check my details and they reassured me that my contract had ended and upgrading my current mobile would only take about 15 minutes.

When I got to the store, I walked-up to the counter and said “I’d like to upgrade my current handset to a Sony Ericsson W550i – my contract has ended and I understand that I can get this handset for free as long as I commit to a 24 month contract paying the same amount monthly as I have been for the past 24 months”.

The guy said “sure” and we sat down to fill-in the paperwork. Over an hour later I walked-out with my new phone.

The contract was completed within about 10 minutes, but when the guy tried to do the upgrade the system declined it. He called Telstra Mobile support and they put him on hold for 15 minutes, then said that he needed to call Telstra Billing. Telstra Billing then took another 15 minutes before transferring him to Telstra Debt Management who then spoke with me and took another 10 minutes to find my details. Once they established who I was, they found the problem was caused by a billing dispute on an overdue bill that didn’t actually exist – I received a Telstra bill two days ago and it wasn’t due for another fortnight yet their system believed it was overdue.

Luckily they managed to fix the problem and I walked-out with my new phone. Once I recovered from the pain of the purchase, I was quite happy with my new toy… check it out:

Sony Ericsson W550i


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