My Weekend


This weekend was pretty good (although a little exhausting as well).

On Friday night, one of Kristy’s friends (Vicky) came over – we had Chinese take-out, a few quiet drinks, watched the “Friday Night Games” and then proceeded to play Trivial Pursuit DVD (which appears to be more of a pop culture edition). I was a little disappointed since the questions revolved around tv shows I hadn’t seen, who’s dating who in the celeb world, make-up and various other things that I had no idea about.

I did manage to answer a few questions correctly (which is a few more than I’d probably know if we were playing Trivial Pursuit Classic Edition), although after a normal game of Pursuit I feel I have answered very little, but learnt a lot… on this occasion I was slaughtered and yet didn’t feel in the slightest bit more informed by the end of the evening – the fact that the quiet drinks had gotten a little rowdier by that stage and I was reasonably drunk also wouldn’t have helped much either 🙂

On Saturday I spent the day recovering from the night before and that evening Kristy’s friend Heidi came over and we watched an Italian flick called “Remember Me“. It was good, although probably a bit too long. Although enjoyable, the end was a bit of an anti-climax.

Kristy’s Boeing social club put on a function on Sunday where we enjoyed fish and chips in the park. It was nice and relaxing and a pleasant change since going to parks isn’t something we do regularly (and you’ll never catch me complaining about free food either).

Although the weekend wasn’t particularly physical, by Sunday night we were exhausted, so we popped down to the local Bowls Club for the roast of the day.

Now I better stop blogging and procrastinating and catch-up on some work 🙁


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