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On Friday night Kristy and I went over to her Mum’s place to watch the “Friday Night Games” and play a game called Rummikub. Prior to Friday night, I had never even heard of the game, but quickly learnt that it is a game played with small numbered plastic tiles (similar in size to dominos). The idea of the game is to place sequences of tiles on the table in turn. The first person to run-out of tiles in their hand is the winner.

I lost… or more accurately, got slaughtered by both Kristy and her Mum. A wry Persian proverb says: “Defeat makes us invincible”… so based on that, I must be the Superman of Rummikub!

If you’d like to find-out more about the game, check-out their official website:

Saturday I did some search engine optimisation work, visited Glen & Odette and finished the day off by eating pizza and playing “Prince of Persia 2, Warrior Within” on my PS2 with Caleb.


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  1. It was only a few weeks ago Con and I found Rummikub at a local pub.
    Turns out Con didn’t know of the game either but it is very addictive.

    We also pitted our skills against one another is a classic game of chess where we ended up with about 3 pieces left each – the true sign of two crap chess players. Luck for us we had beer to help ease the pain

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