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There’s been more media coverage of the Corby family and their daughter Schapelle who was caught trafficking (or allegedly trafficking) drugs in Indonesia… She’s done well to be mentioned in the Wikipedia’s list of Australian Criminals, but really, I’m over the whole debacle, yet couldn’t help but smile when I was emailed the pic below:


When I was emailed this I had a whinge about how much it pisses me off that Australia gets known for our idiots (like Schapelle and her family) instead of some of the more impressive things Australian’s have done… which lead me to discovering a website of Australian Inventions… here’s some of the things that I found particularly interesting that we invented:

The Black-Box Flight Recorder
The Electric Drill
Latex Gloves
Xerox copying
The ‘Australian Crawl’ (or freestyle swimming)
The Wine Cask (or so affectionately known as the ‘goon bag’)
Polymer Bank Notes (which we now produce and export to 18 countries)
Castor wheels (which now come on every piece of reasonable-priced furniture world-wide)
The Notepad
The Ute


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