Last week’s random internet finds


I meant to post these last week, but didn’t get around to it… so here are a bunch of things that distratcted me from work over the last 7 days:

Pringles won an award for this little banner ad and I can see why… it doesn’t matter how much you click on it, you won’t be swept away to their site, it’s just a great little ad to play with (and in my opinion, works far better than any ad that does whisk you away to the company site when all you may have wanted to do was play with a little flash animation):On the topic of viral ads, here’s a list of other good ones: Viral Marketing Examples

Most of my meetings are productive (since I work for myself and don’t have to put-up with bureaucratic bullshit… well, there may be a little bureaucratic bullshit, but since I founded the aforementioned shit, I think it’s ok). But for those of you who have to endure long, painful, meaningless meetings everyday, here’s a little tool you can use to see just how much money the company is loosing for every minute of each pointless gathering: The Meeting Ticker.

Also on the topic of work – if you think casual-dress Friday is good, but would rather the guys from Accounting not turn-up in Hawaiian shirts each week… you should just be thankful they aren’t coming to work naked. That’s right – in the UK, a company has introduced a day where employees are encouraged to come to work naked as a way of boosting morale.

As you all know, I’m a self-confessed geek, so was quite pleased to discover a place where my online skills are appreciated: The Society for Geek Advancement!

For all my Ninja readers (and c’mon guys, you’ll never admit it because you’d have to kill me, but I know you’re secretly hiding in the shadows reading my feeds via your Ninja iPhone’s) you better be careful not to do any of these things: Common mistakes of a Ninja. Oh, and for any other Ninja related questions, it’s probably best to direct them to

If you’re one of the few people on the plant that hasn’t had enough of the Swine Flu jokes, then you might like this little comic: Twitter is great for watching uninformed panics unfold live.

On the topic of jokes that have been done to death, here’s another little clip about MJ dying… and Hitler’s reaction to it:

And last, but not least, a cool little jazz choir rendition of Toto’s Africa… nothing funny or particularly special about it (well, their creation of a thunder-storm is kinda cool) – I simply thought it was well done, and c’mon people, who doesn’t like the song Africa:


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