I have no idea why I’m posting this in the “Fun Stuff” category as there’s nothing fun about it – but it isn’t work, doesn’t involve friends or family, it isn’t a TV show or movie (although if you filmed me whilst at the gym I reckon you’d win money by sending it off to “Funniest Home Videos”)…

On a complete tangent – I hate the show “Funniest Home Videos”. I’m not sure if it’s the crappy music, terrible voice-overs, bad jokes made by the ditsy presenter’s or the fact that the videos that I think are the funniest usually never win. If I want to see someone make a fool of themselves I can find a lot more entertaining clips on the Internet – Just look at the quality viewing Paris Hilton gave us with her last “home video” (I’d like to see them add The Benny Hill theme music and a dodgy voice-over to that).

Anyways… as I was saying originally… about 6 weeks ago I started going to the gym and I’ve been going 4 times a week. Well, I had been going 4 times a week until last week when it rained, I got stuck helping a client for 4 hours, had a lot of other work that piled-up whilst I was helping that client… and I could go on making-up excuses, but to cut a long story short, I didn’t go at all last week.

So this week I’ve gotten back into it and I’ve been twice – will hopefully get one more work-out in before the weekend. So far I haven’t lost any weight, although my muscles feel a bit bigger – now I just need to work-off all the fat that’s on top of my muscles so you can actually see them.


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  1. It’s the weekend and I didn’t manage to get that “one more work-out” done… looks like I’ll be upping the cardio next week ūüôĀ

  2. John,Are we supposed to post the annotated bibliographies on the blog or are we supposed to email them to you. Also, I do not have a research topic (should I have one?) so I have chosen articles that relate to technology in education since I am a math teacher. Is this OK?Timothy

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