Easter Long Weekend


Finally after being slack for the last 3 weeks I have started going to the gym again. I’d like to say that I haven’t been due to a fairly busy workload recently, but to be honest, I’ve really just been slack.

Kristy has also joined the gym which has provided some much needed motivation and last Thursday night we went and did a work-out together. Given the following day was a public holiday (not that it really makes much difference to me as my office is my home and I work everyday), we decided to call a couple of friends and have a few quiet drinks.

Since we had just done a workout, I wanted to drink something a little less harmful to my waist-line so I purchased a carton of Pure Blonde Low-Carb Beer – although it doesn’t sound too tasty, it was actually quite good!

On Good Friday we ate fish and chips and watched “The Dream with Roy and H.G.” which was a promo gift from Mel when we were living together… It has sat in our vid/dvd collection for the last few years and I only realised on the weekend that we hadn’t actually watched it – so we watched it and it was good. Roy and H.G. actually have the ability to make me interested in sport!

I worked on Saturday… updated the Ingenuity website, did some link-building and other general administrative tasks and finished the evening off by going to church on with my parents.

Sunday we went over to my folks place for lunch and afterwards, invited Heidi over for a movie marathon on Sunday night. We watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (again for me, but the girls hadn’t seen it), Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang) which was another movie completely unrelated to the first (other than having the same title) and wasn’t incredibly – good for a laugh, but don’t go rushing out to see it.

The highlight of the evening was Primer which was about a couple of guys who invent a time machine. The movie is reasonably low budget, there are no special effects, there are no big name actors and the characters really interact like true engineers/scientists would (so to some the acting would appear fairly bland). The great thing about the movie is how it addresses the paradox of time travel incredibly well and leaves you confused yet curious… don’t expect to come out of this movie understanding how it works, but you can expect to come away with lots of questions and perhaps a greater fascination into how time really works.


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