Dancing Eisteddfod


On Friday night Kristy’s dance school, Performance Plus Dance Centre, were involved in an eisteddfod (which spans the whole weekend) and Kristy’s group came 1st and 3rd in their section.

The first of the two dances they performed was a tap dance with Sadie (The Cleaning Lady) as the music – this routine was placed third in the section. The second of the two numbers was a jazz dance to Lady Bump (by Kath and Kim), this one was highly entertaining and the group was placed first. Kristy was dressed as Kim and another couple of the ladies in her group were dressed as Kath and Sharon. While Kristy wasn’t entirely comfortable having to get on stage with her stomach (and g-string) sticking out, it was very funny and well worth the embarrassment she may have felt.

Afterwards we went back to one of the dancer’s places for some drinks and ended-up staying out a little later than we anticipated – we didn’t quite get to see the sun come-up, but the sky was getting lighter on our walk home.

Here’s some pics of the girls:

IMG_0018.jpg IMG_0016.jpg IMG_0017.jpg IMG_0015.jpg IMG_0014.jpg

Tomorrow (Sunday) we’re going back to watch a few more of the performances


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