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Yesterday Kristy and I went to see the Dalai Lama. Tickets for his show were free, but not advertised, so we were lucky that my brother Brett and sister-in-law Lyndal found-out about the seminar and asked us if we’d like to attend.

Like the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere debacle, we misjudged our timing… WhereIs (which we usually use for online directions) stated it would take us roughly 40mins to get to the Boondall Entertainment Centre (the venue of the seminar) but it ended-up taking us roughly 2 hours. We only missed the first 15 – 20 mins so it wasn’t too bad.

The Dalai Lama was a lot funnier than I anticipated – he really had a lot of charisma and was not only an inspiring story-teller, but he was also quite entertaining. In some ways (and I mean this as respectfully as possible) he reminded me of Yoda from Star Wars.

In the end, the lesson that stuck with me most of all was that we should not hate a person when they make a decision that differs from ours – it’s fine to dislike the action, but the action is not the person. Respect the fact that people will make choices that may differ from ours, but just because our choices may differ doesn’t mean I should dislike that person – simply accept their opinion differs from mine and move on. Hate the action – not the person.

On our way out we purchased some merchandise – Kristy purchased a shirt and I bought the Dalai Lama’s biography which I expect to report on once I start reading it (although given how slow I read, don’t expect anything in the near future).

On our way home we decided to grab a bite to eat and after some driving-around we found ourselves at The Indus. They have won awards for their Indian food and we were very impressed with the flavours, service and selection available. If you’re ever in the Paddington area – be sure to stop in because if you like Indian you’ll certainly be impressed.


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