Brissy Blogger’s Meetup


This time last week I was sitting at the Jade Buddha having a couple of beers and enjoying a meal with a few other Brisbane bloggers.

The group was a little smaller than last time, but it was still really good – if anything it was better because I had an opportunity to get into some proper conversations with the other bloggers. The previous meetup, no one knew each other and because of background noise and poor seating arrangements, it was difficult to communicate with people at the other end of the table – this time it was a lot easier to chat.

I had a great chat with Mick, Duncan, Rob, West Loh and Tim… Here’s a pic of Duncan and I (thanks for taking the pic’s Mick… a few more pics can be found on Mick’s blog).



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  1. Hi Pete. I agree – the conversation was really helpful. Thanks for your insights into the SEO industry. I went and had a look at your post on social networking – good stuff there.

  2. Hi Pete great to meet you,look forward to keeping in touch. You’re doing some great things online! Cheers

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