Blog Action Day – A Dodgy Contribution


Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day Last month I made a post about Blog Action Day – where a bunch of bloggers (16,122 to be exact) would all blog about the environment on the 15th of October 2007.

Even though I don’t really do much stuff outdoors, nor would I be considered a ‘tree hugging hippy’ (not that there’s anything wrong with hugging trees, they need a hug sometimes) – I do believe that EVERYONE should be mindful of the environment.

We can’t really go backwards and fix a lot of the attrocities we’ve done to the environment over the past billion years, but if we try and be carbon-neutral and eco-friendly, hopefully we can slow-down future damage.

So… I decided to hunt around the net for cool ‘green’ things to blog about – and I didn’t come-up with much.

I found that you can buy e co-mputer which lead me to an online store called Wi5 which sells a range of very cool products, and in their ‘innovation’ section, you can buy wooden peripherals and monitors (which are kinda ugly if you ask me)… but what’s not ugly are their range of EcoSpheres.

Basically, an EcoSphere is a globe containing a self-sustaining ecosystem. The system can sustain itself with very little (if at all) outside assistance for 3 – 4 years. Inside the system, you will see plant-life, bacteria, little shrimp-like creatures all grow and evolve inside a glass ball half-filled with liquid. I want one!

This then lead me to EcoGeek – a website devoted to environmentally friendly geeky stuff. After reading through a bunch of posts, I stumbled across something that I didn’t expect – F*ck For Forest (not safe for work) – a porn website who donates their funds to environmental causes…

All the websites I found from this point onwards have nothing to do with the environment…

Anyways, even though this post probably doesn’t really do much for the environment, it still covers the topic and gives you a few sites to check-out that you might find interesting… now go hug a tree!


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