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Through some recent browsing on the net (sussing-out my SEO competition in the Brisbane area) I found something which was rather entertaining.

A local SEO guy is conducting an experiment to see if he can have his site indexed as #1 in Google for the search term “Best looking man in Brisbane”.

This was a brilliant idea of his and I’ll happily link to his site to share some of the love, but I thought it would be unfair to mislead the world by letting them think that he is the best looking man in Brisbane when in fact the title should rightfully be held by me.

That’s right folks, I’m suggesting that Peter Newsome is the best looking man in Brisbane


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  1. Why is the best looking man in Brisbane, a test to see how strong the stemming is between man and guy on a near exact match domain. But in other news the best looking man in Brisbane will be an interesting serp to watch.

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