Aussie’s are through to the next round


Got up at 4:45am this-morning to watch the World Cup match between Australia and Croatia… and we drew 2/2 which was all we needed to get through to the next round.

The match was pretty rough in parts and by the end of it, both teams had drawn red cards and players were sent off… I also have to comment that Croatia’s playing style (other than rough) seemed to be a little disorganised – when talking with Kristy, I said it looked a little like watching ants running around.

I’ve never really watched much of any sport, so my comments are probably a little unjustified, but when watching other teams play, it seems much more graceful.

Next match we’re up against Italy… so it’s going to be an incredibly tough battle ahead, but hey, we’ve made it this far, who knows what will happen next!


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