A weekend of nothingness


This weekend Kristy is helping-out at a local dancing eisteddfod so I’m taking this opportunity to chill-out, not think about work and basically vegetate for a couple of days.

Being the geek that I am, part of this whole ‘vegetation’ process involves dicking around on the internet and in doing so, I’ve made some more random finds.

For starters, I discovered that today is the iconic computer game – Tetris’ 25th birthday. To celebrate, I wasted some time playing this cool little free online version and found this homage on YouTube:

Whilst on YouTube, I also stumbled across this ‘literal’ version of Bonnie Tyler’s song – Total eclipse of the heart:

And this cool Nintendo Wii preview of their game Wario Land – Shake It. It’s probably best if you view this on the YouTube website itself for the full effect. Very cool.

On the topic of cool stuff, this guy made a whole song only using iPhone apps. The song itself isn’t fantastic, but considering the only instrument used was an iPhone, it’s pretty impressive:

Hidan – Timeline Music for iPhone from Paul Higham on Vimeo.

A couple of days ago Simon sent me a link to some cool computer programming-related web comics. You have to be a bit geeky to get most of the jokes… ok, you have to be geeky to get all the jokes (I especially liked the guide to understanding flowcharts… in flowchart form).

Something else you’ll need to be a little geek to appreciate is Despair’s latest social media t-shirt (so true, and I think I want one).

And last, but not least, something you don’t have to be geeky to enjoy (simply a little juvenile.. like me)… but here’s a site dedicated to Things I Did Lastnight.

Now I’m going to go and watch some TV and chuckle to myself as I imagine your response when you click on that previous link.


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