A couple of websites to keep you amused whilst you should be working


These were sent to me last week:

The blog www.ironicsans.com came-up with an idea… basically it states that “Mr. T has had basically the same look for the entire time he’s been in the public spotlight. What if he shaved his mohawk? What if he shaved his beard? What would he look like?” … so have a read of his post and then have a play : The Mr. T Virtual Playset.

I showed this to Odette and explained it to Kristy, both of which didn’t really find it particularly amusing, but I couldn’t help but crack-up when I saw this… this probably means I’m cruel, perhaps a little insensitive or I simply have a very warped sense of humour, but please, comment if you find this funny – Retarded Batman


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  1. Well you might as well just place a big, politically incorrect poster around my neck because I laughed my head off at this – i always thought that Batman was a little up-tight and just needed to embrace his goof-ball side – very cool.

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