Vampire Weekend


A few weeks back, it was Skye’s 21st which she celebrated by having a vampire party. Now I’m a big fan of vampires (and zombies and pirates and ninjas… and many more things that only young children and geeks should enjoy), so this was a really fun party.

Whenever there’s a celebration that requires some costume planning and preparation, we always end-up turning to DVDs for inspiration, so we had a vampire weekend… and no I don’t mean the very cool band Vampire Weekend (although I’d be quite happy to listen to them for a whole weekend as well).

Since Kristy isn’t as big a fan of vampires as I am, I did a little bit of solo research which started with a recommendation from Con – a Swedish vampire flick called: Let the right one in. It was a very sensitive drama about a little kid that had no friends and was always bullied until a new girl moves in next door… they form an interesting and somewhat dysfunctional relationship as she’s a vampire… and without wanting to spoil things too much, they live happily ever after.

I also watched Twighlight and that too was surprisingly not bad along with some other old fav’s (Bram Stoker’s Dracula etc. etc.)

As well as watching movies, I researched YouTube on how to craft realistic looking vampire fangs and had a few different ideas as to what I might wear, but in the end, I took the easy way out and purchased a cheap cape, some plastic fangs and a bit of white make-up… and here’s some pics of the night to show how it all turned-out:

Another interesting and somewhat unfortunate thing happened that night – Skye and Scotty’s toilet overflowed due to some piping-related issue rendering the lavatory off-limits. Given the copious amounts of alcohol being consumed, as always, necessity became the mother of all invention and some rather creative solutions were established (which ranged from the boys helping water some of the plants to the girls opting to drive to the nearest McDonald’s or use a bucket).

Much to everyone’s surprise, this one minor issue didn’t seem to disrupt the night at all – if anything, it made the evening a little more interesting. Overall was a really good party and I can’t wait till the next one.


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