Tupperware, Top Gear and PlayStation


Looking over the title of this post, I can’t help but sing that old Sesame Street song – “Two of these things belong together, two of these things are kinda the same, but one of these things is doing their own thing… now it’s time to play our game.. it’s time to play our game”.

Over the weekend Skye had a Tupperware party, so while the girls were discussing expensive pieces of plastic, Scott, Craig and I decided to do something a little more manly by watching Top Gear and drinking beer.

The BBQ that followed was also quite entertaining thanks to an ‘erectile dysfunction’ brochure that Skye brought home from a recent doctors visit (no the visit had nothing to do with the brochure… it was simply sitting on the surgery counter, but proved to be humorous enough to bring home and share with others).

Normally I do a pretty good job (or at least I think I do) of pretending that I’m a responsible, mature adult (most of the time), but once the toilet humour comes-out, I revert back to the mentality of a high-school kid. All I can say is – small things (which according to the brochure would fit into a ‘level 1’ category) amuse small minds… and I was very amused.

The other thing that made my weekend very entertaining (and has subsequently made me rather tired today) is my PlayStation 3.

I’ve been storing ‘backup copies‘ of movies and TV shows on my laptop for a while and to test to make sure the backups work correctly, I’d usually plug my laptop directly into my TV to watch them… until I ran out of space on my laptop. So I started putting the stuff on an external hard drive which was good, but then I’d have to plug the laptop into the TV and the HDD into the laptop and it started becoming a bit of a pain in the butt… until I realised that I could plug the HDD directly into the PS3.

That little discovery (which I can’t believe my geekiness hadn’t made me aware of sooner) ended-up costing me a few hours of checking backups 🙂

The rest of my evening was spent playing two games – the latest update for Burnout Paradise which now includes day and night modes AND motorcycles… and the other game is WipeOut.  I love the WipeOut franchise of games and have been waiting for a nice new pretty version designed for the PS3 for a while and it was worth the wait!

It pains me to think how little sleep I’m going to get over the coming weeks thanks to these two games 🙂


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