Swimming – the best part of a QLD summer


At the moment it feels like someone poured lighter fluid all over my back and set it alight and if you came-up behind me without a shirt on, you could quite easily mistake me for the Pink Panther.  As uncomfortable as this is, it’s a small price to pay for a great weekend.

On Friday night (after being stuck back at work due to a few little emergencies) we went over to see Trish and Dave.  They suffered some fairly major damage from the storms, so their insurance has put them up at the Aspire Apartments in Ipswich while the damage is repaired.

The Aspire Apartments are Ipswich’s first (and at present, only) highrise building.  At 14 floors, it towers over all the old buildings and from the 10th floor (where Trish and Dave are staying) you can actually make-out the lights of the Brisbane CBD on the horizon. Due to my fear of heights, I enjoyed the view with my clammy hands clenched so tightly to the railings my knuckles turned white.  But it was still pretty impressive (the view that is, not how I tragically try and cope with my fears).

The apartments are decked-out with all the mod cons you’d expect from an inner city apartment (gym, sauna, spa, pool etc.) and after dinner we cruised down to the pool for a dip.  I think this was officially my first swim for the summer season.. and it was awesome.

On Saturday we watched Kung Fu Panda (which was really good) and then Saturday night we went around to Skye and Scotty’s for a few drinks, some Monopoly followed-by a short game of Poker.  Skye and Scotty have a puppy named Charlie who (I think) is a Border Collie, so we brought George with us so they could have a play.

Up until now George hasn’t played too much with other dogs because in his Puppy Preschool class he’s half the size of all the other dogs and when they all get playful and boisterous, they scare the crap out of our little furball causing him to cower behind my legs.

Charlie and George played well together and George really held-his-own with the nipping, running and scuffling that goes-on when dogs play (although I reckon he’s still be eaten if he was ever in a real fight).   Hopefully the weekends play session will build his confidence and he’ll be more playful with the other pups at preschool.

We spent the night at Skye and Scotty’s on Saturday and when we got up on Sunday we had an awesome fry-up breakfast before heading over to Scotty’s folks place for a swim.  This was how I ended-up looking like a lobster.

Overall, was a great weekend and I’m looking forward to a few months of sweltering summer days, weekly thunder storms, BBQs, and hopefully lots more swimming.  Don’t get me wrong, as much as I love it, I’ll still be blaming everything on the heat and whinging my sweaty ass off as peal myself off the couch to get another beer in 40 degree heat and 90 percent humidity… but that’s what makes a QLD summer great.


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  1. Hay Mate, Sounds like a good weekend – “few months of sweltering summer days, weekly thunder storms, BBQs, and hopefully lots more swimming” way to go and make me feel all homesick !! its sitting on freezing here with no end in sight for the dreary weather. Look forward to catching up soon – cheers

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