Skye’s birthday at The Met


On Friday night we went out with Skye for her birthday.  She was having dinner with family and close friends, so Kristy and I went over to Scotty’s place for a few drinks and then afterwards we met-up with Skye and a few of her friends at The Met.

We don’t get out as much anymore and when we do, we tend to stick to our old favourite nightspots such as The Press Club so we had never been to The Met, but I have to say it’s an awesome venue.  The place itself is huge with lots of smaller areas designed to accommodate a reasonably wide variety of people’s tastes (well, as long as you like clubbing and dance music… otherwise, you’re screwed).

Highlights of the night include a suitable amount of atrocious dancing, lots of drinks, plenty of shit talk and generally just having fun.  Was one of the best nights I’ve had in ages.

Coming-up this weekend we’re having our official house warming, so hopefully that will also be a very fun afternoon / evening too.


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