Rather Awkward


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you did or said something in jest, thinking how witty and funny it would seem, only to discover you’ll need a toe-truck to help dislodge your foot from your mouth?

Such an incident just happened to me.

A friend sent a group email around saying how good the new Indiana Jones flick looks (and yes, it does look very cool) … to which one of my friends replied:

“So you’ll be dressed up with a hat and whip waiting for the premier?”

To which I responded:

“And I thought he was saving the hat and whip for after the premier when he gets home”

Not the funniest comment in the world, but still somewhat humorous… until it was pointed-out to me that one of the group recipients was my mate’s father-in-law.


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  1. The father in law probably laughed until he visualized the scene himself. And then probably screamed and poured himself a nice stiff drink. 🙂

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