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My life is full of random thoughts and sometimes (if you’re lucky), these thoughts of mine will pass by without any mention. Other times I’m far too eager to share these thoughts and those that are around to hear simply think I’m weird. Fortunately, I’m ok with that.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons I like social media. Within a few keystrokes, my odd thoughts travel from the jungle that is my head, through my fingers, into some electronic device that’s magically connected to the Internet and within moments, the crazy notions go from floating around my world wide head to the world wide web.

But I’m not the only one in my house that has a unique appreciation for technology – my cat is also a huge fan of electronic devices. Her specific techno-fetish is sleeping on them. If there is a keyboard, remote control, iPad, mobile phone, laptop or anything else that is reasonably flat and electrical, inevitably it will mysteriously vanish when Ewok takes a nap.

Clearly her appreciation for technology differs from mine. I’m not saying I’ve never fallen asleep on a computer keyboard, only to wake with a sixty-four thousand page document comprising only of the letter “g” and a face that looks like a Christmas ham has had a naughty afternoon with a bowl of alphabet soup. But let’s just say it’s not my idea of a good time.

Perhaps my assumption that she likes it is completely skewed. She could very likely be an evil technophobic feline that is constantly trying to smother the life out of the electronic gizmos with her fluffy posterior… we may never know.

But that’s enough of that – let’s talk about what I’ve been up to lately.

Well this weekend was reasonably quiet. On Friday night the only thing I wanted to do was eat, watch TV and sleep. This was a direct byproduct of the night before, which was an impromptu alcohol induced send-off for our departing Irish colleague.

I won’t go into too much detail, not for the purposes of trying to preserve anyone’s reputation, but simply because the evening is a little hazy. This may lead you to think “wow, Pete must have had a LOT to drink” but alas, this was not the case. Just because I practice drinking on a regular basis, doesn’t mean I’m actually any good at it. Regardless of this, I believe everyone had a pretty good night but the following day at work was longer and more tedious than the movie The Room.

Saturday I made-up for my previous inefficiencies by spending the morning doing work stuff I should have done the day before and then later that afternoon I caught-up with my mate Wormy.

We have an interesting friendship that is equally business as it is personal. He’s a client, a colleague, a friend and sometimes a challenge. I say this openly as I’m certain he wouldn’t disagree.

It all stared back when I was doing tech support at an ISP about a decade ago. When you combine equal measures of a crappy ISP; an inquisitive technology enthusiast that would find himself in some rather unique technical situations; and my equally passionate approach to technology and problem solving – I quickly became Wormy’s primary contact.

The frequent technical interaction lead to a more social setting when he invited me to join him and a few other friends and business contacts for an afternoon of tennis. As a direct result of politeness and the fact that it could be a good business socialising opportunity I agreed to attend. This was, is, and will always be the first and only time I ever agree to do anything sporting in the name of work and/or socialising. I think the best way of describing my tennis technique would be if you imagined the Incredible Hulk, but instead of being green, make him a sweaty shade of pink; instead of muscles, replace that with fat; the lack of intelligence and overwhelming anger and frustration still apply, but just remove all coordination, then add a tennis racket and say the magic word – Smash!

We’ve never played tennis again, and instead we partake in far more civilised activities such as drinking beer and playing Halo with his two kids. We seem to do this a few times a year and that’s precisely what happened on Saturday afternoon/evening.

We started with a brief discussion about work stuff, then moved onto beer, some awesome homemade pizza and then his two sons proceeded to destroy us in Halo. Actually the word “destroy” is far too polite and doesn’t give any justice to the gaming massacre that took place. The body count on my deaths alone was almost comparable to genocide and there was more tea bagging than a Tetley’s factory.

On Sunday I decided to do a major tidy-up of the house, which was inspired by a recent change in my living arrangements. Up until a few weeks ago, my mate Cameron was living with me. It stared-out as a temporary arrangement that somehow ended-up lasting nearly a year and recently, due to a number of factors it came to an end.

Over the last couple of weeks he’d moved nearly all of his stuff, so I thought now would be a good time start getting the place in order again. This started fairly well, but somehow went from a clean-up to completely re-arranging everything.

At first, this wasn’t an issue. Shuffling a coffee table from one room to another – no probs. A couple of rugs – easy. Some dinning chairs and a table – cinch. A bookshelf full of DVDs – no worries. Even my TV and entertainment unit didn’t pose any issues (mainly because it’s on wheels)… Then I tried to move my couch. Epic fail.

It’s not overly heavy, but it’s big and awkward and by this stage I was starting to get a bit exhausted from all the other stuff I’d been doing. Couple exhaustion, a slight hangover and the fact that Pee-wee Herman probably has bigger muscles than I do at the moment, I didn’t stand a chance.

So I called in a favour from Cameron. He had to come back to get his TV and a few minor things anyway, so it turned-out to be a good opportunity for him to do that as well as help me shuffle my couch from my spare bedroom into the lounge.

There’s still some smaller stuff I still need to do and I haven’t really started shuffling around my bedroom yet (which will be a job for this weekend), but I’m really excited with how the place is now looking.

Next on the agenda will be finding a new housemate. I’m honestly a little apprehensive about it because I do like my space and I have been known to occasionally wander around the house scantily clad which is always a bit awkward. But I now have a decent-sized spare room that’s sitting there doing nothing and having a few extra dollars would certainly help, so inevitably I’ll need to find someone soonish.

So if anyone has a friend that needs a place to stay and they think they can handle living with me, let me know.



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  1. Have a good idea for your housemate screening process:

    1) Randomly select one of your psycho-babble posts.

    2) Make them read it.

    3) Disregard their facial expressions as involuntary twitches and spasms are normal when reading this stuff and not a grounds for judging sanity.

    4) If they finish the post they’re a keeper. If they curl into the foetal position and start rocking back and forth muttering crazy like, give them a nice hot cup of Milo and send them on their way as they will never weather the storm.

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  3. Just want to check that we are on the same page when it comes to tea-bagging? And if we are, I recommend not putting that and your mates children in the same sentence… Just saying… 🙂 Hehe

  4. Hey Georgia, yes I believe we are on the same page about tea-bagging and the only reason I mentioned children in the same sentence was because they were the ones issuing the testicular punishment on me… but to ensure we both understand what was happening, here is an instructional video to make sure there is no confusion:


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