Pirate Party, a close shave, Mel’s wedding and putt putt


I probably should be catching-up on some work because our newest staff member – Emily started today. I thought I was brilliantly organised with a long list of tasks for her to complete, but as I began delegating the jobs, I discovered I hadn’t prepared adequate documentation to accompany the tasks which ended-up resulting in more work than I started with.

But to be honest, I couldn’t be arsed right now… so I figured I’d write a blog post instead.

This will hopefully be the last “catch-up post” covering the random happenings over the previous month (or two) and then I should be up-to-date… well, as long as I keep this updated from now on… or unless I just stop doing things. With how busy everything’s been lately – both options seem quite reasonable 🙂

So back in September we celebrated Talk Like A Pirate Day with our annual Pirate Party. In my opinion the party wasn’t quite as good as previous years as we didn’t get a great turn-out and I was also interrupted with a work-related issue which I had to resolve (in a very un-pirate-like way given that a true pirate would not conform to such trivial computer issues… well, unless you’re a software pirate).

In the lead-up to the pirate party, we did a big clean-up of the house and when tidying-up the bathroom, I took apart my beard trimmer – gave it a clean-out and put it away in the drawer (when usually I’d just leave it to clutter-up the bathroom bench-top).

A few days later, I had some meetings scheduled and thought I should probably trim my beard and make myself look a little presentable… and without thinking (or checking) I grabbed the trimmer out of the drawer and swept it across my chin.

Normally, I leave the little ‘blade-4′ head attached to the beard trimmer, but due to the clean-up a few days prior, I had taken it off… and as a result of this, the trimmer had proceeded to take-off a large strip of hair down the middle of my chin.

So I had two choices – I could either go around looking like Wolverine (and believe me, the thought had seriously crossed my mind)… or I could continue to shave the rest of the beard off… and unfortunately I went with the later option. In the days that followed, I discovered that I look better with a beard than I do without and sheepishly had to explain to everyone I came in contact with that I had accidentally shaved it off.

The weekend that followed was Mel and Joe’s wedding and of all the weddings I’ve been to, this was one of the better ones (up there with Ger & Chris’ and Kate & Nicks). I may have enjoyed myself a bit more than usual because (unlike when I attend weddings for friends of Kristy’s) I actually knew some people… or it could have been that the ceremony was quite classy, yet quirkily suited Mel & Joe by having a recital from the Dr. Seuss book ‘Oh the places you’ll go’ instead of a bible reading.

It could have been that the speeches were all reasonably short… or that the wedding and reception were all at the same venue (the Victoria Park Golf Club) and while the photos and other bridal formalities were taking place, we could go to the club bar and drink while we waited. Or it could have been the great food or copious amounts of alcohol.

Regardless as to what it was – the night was fantastic.

We drove to the wedding, left the car at the golf club and caught a cab into the city for a few more drinks – we were going to party-on with a few of Joe’s mates, but in the few minutes it took our maxi-taxi to get into town, they had all decided they were going to pike (despite my best efforts to encourage them with ‘Arrested Development’ chicken taunts).

As we didn’t have the entourage we were hoping for, we only hung around for a few drinks and then cabbed it home.

The next day, after shaking off the hang-over, we picked-up Caleb, caught-up with Skye and Scotty for some noodles and then went to pick-up the car. When we got to the golf course, we thought it’d be a shame not to take advantage of the awesome facilities, so we had a game of putt-putt.

I hadn’t played putt-putt in years and despite the course not having the cliched Windmill and the fact that I was more handicapped than Stephen Hawking – it was tonnes of fun.


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