Pirate and Park(ing) Day


On Friday the 19thof September it was a very special day. It was special because it was the host to not only on of my favourite days of the year – International Talk Like A Pirate Day, but also the more quirky and environmentally friendly Park(ing) Day (or if you’re a local, check-out the Brisbane Park(ing) Day site).

If you’re unfamiliar with both of these days…

Talk Like A Pirate Day (which is pretty self-explanatory) is the one day each year where it is quite acceptable (and some would even go so far as to say mandatory) to talk like a pirate. The concept started-off small, but snowballed very quickly so that now even the most unlikely people are aware of the day – for instance, I was talking to my Mum on the eve of Talk Like A Pirate Day and said to her that I was really looking forward to tomorrow as it was a very exciting and fun day… she replied “that wouldn’t happen to be that ‘pirate day’ would it?”

Yes, sadly even my mother has come to accept that I’m special in a kind-of geeky quirky ninja / pirate way.

Park(ing) Day is equally as quirky, but with an environmental twist. The day was inspired by the lack of public parks and open spaces to do stuff in San Francisco. So the creators of the day came up with the idea that when you put your money in a parking meter on the side of a street, that space theoretically is yours to use however you like for the duration of your parking payment. So based on this, they decided to turn a parking space into a mini park for a day by laying some turf, surrounding it with shrubs, strategically placing a few chairs etc. The result… well… looks a little like this:

PARK(ing) DAY : San Francisco : VMWPPARK(ing) DAY : San Francisco : VMWP PARK(ing) DAY : San Francisco : VMWP

Now, let me get back to ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’…

To celebrate the day, Kristy and I decided it would be fun to have a Pirate Party, so pirate fonts and pics were downloaded, invitations sent out, costumes carefully selected, ample rum and booty (or pirate treasure to those thinking that I might have just gone out and bought some nice ass… surely you’d all know by now I can’t afford luxuries like that)… and before long, we had ourselves a party.

Perhaps from fear of being made to walk the plank, or simply the fact that talking like a pirate can be quite a challenging thing (and I should know because I almost lost my voice talking like a pirate with Caleb on the 5-minute trip to drop him off at school in the morning)… we didn’t end-up getting as many attendees as we were hoping, but those buccaneers and buxom wenches that did plunder our decks all seem to have a good time. Here are a few pics from the night:

The following day was started with a hefty hang-over, a hearty breakfast, a couple of movies and a nana-nap before heading over to Skye and Scotty’s for a BBQ. Overall, was a great weekend.


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