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A couple of months ago I was talked into create a MySpace page and last week Con invited me to join another social network called FaceBook. I’d link to my profile, but you can’t view it unless you’re a member, so it’s kind-of pointless.

The network isn’t as big as MySpace and it’s goals are a little different – FaceBook tries to connect friends without sharing your photos, videos, links, comments or any other information with the whole world. You need to be a part of the network to share all of this and the information is only visible to those people you approve. MySpace is more targeted at those who want a free piece of webspace plastered with advertising with the more ‘friends’ you have the more popular you look.

I personally prefer FaceBook to MySpace, but both networks are fairly pointless if you don’t have any friends on them… but my favorite tool for sharing info about me is my good ol’ Blog!


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