My vivid imagination


Perhaps I play too many computer games or watch too many action movies, but I can’t seem to stop my mind from wandering whenever I find myself somewhere new without anything to keep me occupied.

For instance… over the weekend, we were at Trish and Dave’s for another BBQ and while Dave was cooking the snag’s, I was glancing around thinking “if I was being chased or had to escape from this deck for some unknown reason, I could jump onto the roof of that shed or perhaps if I got a run-up, I could possibly even make it into the pool, or even up that ducting…”

I think the one fatal flaw in my planning is that I forget I’m not in the body of James Bond and the chances of me being able to leap, duck, run, jump, swing, punch, kick or do anything that requires even the smallest amount of dexterity or agility isn’t going to work in my pudgy Pete-suit that keeps my bones warm at night.

Anyone who knows me well, would be well aware of how broken my head can be vivid my imagination is at times, and knowing this, Con sent me the following and it kinda scares me to think how closely I can relate to it:



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  1. Haha – that sounds all too familiar to me…

    Especially the cartoon. I always choreograph fight scenes, escape plans and rescue missions in my head. Quite entertaining, if you ask me.

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