Much-needed quiet weekend


Our weekend started a little earlier than usual this week. Kristy was working-back on Thursday (as she often does) and Scotty was also back a bit later than usual so Kristy asked if he wanted to come back to our place for dinner.

With dinner we had a few drinks, which lead to a few more drinks and before we knew it, it was rather late and I was rather drunk. Needless to say, Friday was a very long day that certainly didn’t feel like the much-anticipated end-of-the-week like it usually does.

On Saturday we went to a factory clearance sale (thanks for sending through the details Oddie) and I bought a couple of polo shirts, a casual dress shirt (which was a bargain at only $2), some board shorts and a pair of nice brown dress shoes.

Afterwards we went for a drive to check-out the Kelvin Grove Urban Village which I’ve been wanting to have a look through for a while. After having a wander and a juice we played some half-court basketball in the park (which incidentally was the same park that I went to a few times whilst living at Red Hill a few years ago). Kristy thoroughly kicked my butt and I think I was lucky to actually sink any of my shots at all – even Caleb almost did a better job than me!

We then came home, watched a couple of movies and went to bed.

Sunday I finally caught-up on some work reading that I’ve been behind with all week, so now I’m ready to start the new week and probably fall behind yet again by this time next week.


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