Con’s back in Oz


Last weekend my best mate Con (who I’ve known since childhood) arrived back in Brisbane for a two week visit to see his sister get married. Con has been over in the UK for the last few years and I’ve been meaning to get over there and visit him (as well as spending some time with my other very good friends Gerard and Chris… and most recently Dave and Anna who are also over there). But that hasn’t happened yet… although we do have some rough plans to make the trip next year sometime.

Anyways… Con arrived on Friday night and gave me a call on Saturday morning to come and chauffeur him around catch-up.

After picking him up, I had to briefly stop into the CBD to swap a hard drive in one of our servers and whilst there we went for a stroll around town so Con could see all the things that have changed whilst he’s been away. We checked-out both the old and new Art Galleries before heading back to my folks place for a beer and a game of lawn bowls.

Even though none of the stuff we did had any prior planning – we just ended-up going with the flow, it was a really interesting and enjoyable day.

On Sunday Kristy, Caleb and I went down to the Gold Coast to have lunch with the family at my sister’s place and as always it was another great day. I know I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I really do have a great family!

This weekend is the wedding which should also be a lot of fun – I’ll hopefully have a few pics and stories to tell in a few days time.


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