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Last Friday night Kristy and I joined Scotty, Vicky, Craig, Skye and Tim for dinner at our local Chinese restaurant. I think the correct name of the place is Dragon Garden Family Restaurant, but for some reason we never seem to get the name correct, so we’ve given the place our own nickname which is “Double Golden Dragon Garden” (don’t ask me how we came-up with this name or how we’re able to remember something as convoluted and not it’s real name).

Besides, it’s not as bad as the name we gave to the Chinese Take-away place that was around the corner from my old place at Red Hill – I have no idea what it’s real name was, but we always called it “Free-a-can-a”. To cut a long story short, if you spent more than $10 you would get a free can of Coke… and the lovely owners of the place had written a sign saying this, but they wrote it how they would phonetically say it, so it read “Free A Can When Spend $10”. Hence the nickname.

On the topic of nicknames, I was given a new nickname on Friday night – The Silver Fox. This was inspired by my ever-increasing number of gray hairs (which if you ask me make me look more distinguished).

As always it was a really good night – it’s not uncommon to have a few people who don’t quite get along or a couple of people who are annoying or boring within any group, but fortunately everyone in this group are all really interesting and fun to hang-out with!

On Saturday night Kristy went out with Trish and Janine (and a couple of other people who I don’t know) and I caught-up with an old friend I used to work with a few years ago and haven’t seen in ages. Was great to catch-up again Glenn… we really need to do that more often!


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