Australia Day Weekend


A few days ago was one of my favourite public holidays – Australia Day.

This year the holiday fell on a Monday which was a little awkward since the traditional celebrations usually involve drinking copious amounts of alcohol knowing you have a long-weekend to recover. So the celebrations were shuffled back a couple of days to accommodate.

But before any of this happened, on Friday afternoon Kristy went to some farewell drinks for one of the US contractors she worked with who was heading back to the states. As the work group shrunk, leaving only the more interesting team members (aka the alcoholics), Kristy called to see if I wanted to join them. So I did… and it turned-out being a bigger night than we had all anticipated.

We woke the next day feeling very seedy, only to realise that Skye and Scotty’s Australia Day BBQ was on later that afternoon / evening.

So we sobered-up, did some last-minute shopping to grab a few Aussie accessories, picked-up Marty on the way through and did the truly Australian thing of celebrating Australia Day (two days early) and hung-over.

To reinforce how Australian I am, I rocked-up wearing a rather short pair of Ruggers/Stubbies (or for the uninitiated, basically a short pair of workman-style shorts), a Bonds singlet, a bucket hat and thongs. This was topped-off with a little fake Aussie Flag tattoo and accompanied by a stubbie cooler that said ‘Top Aussie Bloke’. There were a few photos taken throughout the evening, so as soon as they surface, I’ll put them up here.

The evening consisted of drinking, BBQing, Guitar Heroing and lots of very wrong, yet very funny conversations.

Sunday we discovered my car battery was flat for no apparent reason (or at least not one that I’ve figured-out yet… which isn’t surprising as I know just as much about cars as I do about nuclear physics)… so I jump started it and then proceeded to drive around aimlessly for a few hours to charge the battery again.

Monday, we decided to go to Ikea and bought some picture frames so we can finally hang some of the prints we bought back from overseas.

And that, my friends, was my Australia Day weekend.


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