A big weekend of drinking… ouch


I was doing so well and managed to get everything up-to-date on the blog… and then failed to post for about 6 weeks and now I’m back to square one.

It’s 9:15pm on a Monday night and I’m only just starting to feel human again after a huge weekend of drinking. Sometimes I make references to weekends where lots of drinking takes place, but this weekend the drinking began on Friday and didn’t stop until late Sunday night.

On Friday night we had our work Christmas party. This was pretty cool because prior to this Christmas I haven’t really had any staff (other than Glen, co-founder and business partner)… but this year, our team doubled in size and we now have two awesome employees – Brigit and Emily.

I was a little nervous when organising the gathering (which was just a small BBQ at the office) because we’ve all only worked together for a few months and despite the fact we all get along well during office hours, I wasn’t sure if there would be excessive awkward silences when trying to bring everyone (and their partners) together in a social situation.

Further to that, I discovered that there’s apparently some workplace legislation that states I have to demonstrate a certain duty of care when providing my staff with alcoholic beverages. How could I possibly do that AND be so drunk I can’t even remember my own name?

Fortunately, it all went really, really well – no one died of alcohol poisoning, there are no incriminating photos of me or any of my team floating around the internet (or at least not as a result of Friday night) and now we’re talking about the possibility of making this a semi-regular occurrence.

The next day I got-up early, helped Scotty get his broken washing machine on the back of his ute so he could get it repaired and then later that afternoon I headed over to Cameron’s place for more drinking. We were supposed to catch-up a few weeks back but due to unforeseen circumstances, that didn’t happen… and as it turns-out, Cameron’s partner (Erika) is in the process of starting her own photography business and wanted to talk about getting a website etc. (so technically, the visit was somewhat work related).

Time seemed to disappear as quickly as the beer did and before we knew it, it was the next day… so after a few hours sleep on their couch, I headed back home for a couple of hours of decent sleep in my own bed before heading back out again – this time to meet-up with some very smart and always entertaining local SEO blokes for (you guessed it) more beer.

When that finished, I remembered that an old friend – Scott, who I hadn’t seen in years sent me a message via Facebook saying he was doing some work at one of the backpacker bars (who also co-incidentally happens to be a client of mine) and that I should drop by and say hi.

So I did.

I was only going to catch-up for a chat and then head-off, but when Scott and alcohol is involved, it’s never ever just a quiet one. He had a bar tab which turned into a late night of drinking with him, his little brother (who isn’t so little any more) and a few other guys he works with.

Was an awesome night and I forgot how much fun Scott can be – likewise I forgot what it was like to have 3 solid days / nights of back-to-back drinking… so all day today I felt like a guy in a wheelchair competing in a hurdles race.

The last few weekends have also been pretty busy (hence the lack of posts), but I’ll fill you in on that when my head stops hurting.


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