When guys get sick


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling pretty crappy (healthwise) as I’ve had a case of Bronchitis.  Fortunately thanks to a prescription of antibiotics and enough vitamin C tablets to make my urine look radioactive I’m feeling a lot better now.  I still have a cough that makes me sound like I’ve smoked two packs a day since the age of five… but overall, I’m feeling pretty good.

But before going to the doctor (something I haven’t done in years… perhaps because I’ve been fortunate enough to have good health, or perhaps it has more to do with the fact that guys think they’re sooooo tough that they don’t need a guy in a white coat to tell you that you’ve got a measly little cold) I was feeling horrible.

This brings me to an observation I made (or more accurately, was made aware of thanks to Kristy) that when a guy gets sick (even though we’re too tough to go to a doctor) it’s almost as if the world is ending and even if we just have a sniffle, you might as well start preparing our obituary because we carry on as if we’re dying.

When I’m sick, I get whingy, whiny and incredibly lazy – simple acts of walking five paces out my front door to check the mailbox becomes a mammoth task requiring a good few hours of psyching myself up before embarking on such a perilous journey.

Everytime I move (and I mean everytime – be it just to shuffle my body to a more comfortable position on the couch to walking from one room to another) I make strange sighs and moans as if I’m an 86 year old grandma.

Hopefully this paints a good picture of how pitiful I can get when I’m ill and although I know that most guys are probably not as bad as me, I expect that I’m not the only male that acts like this.

However when a female gets sick, it’s the complete opposite.  The first thing they do is go to the doctor and then quickly and efficiently source the meds they need to recover as soon as possible.  No matter how unwell they’re feeling they’ll still battle through a days worth of work, they’ll still make dinner, get lunches ready for the following day and usually much much more without saying a word.

I’m sure that half the time us guys wouldn’t even realise how crappy our partners feel because we’re too busy being lazy… so on behalf of all the guys out there… here is a big “We’re Sorry” to all the chicks that haven’t received the sympathy and support they deserve when they’re ill.


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  1. Thanks Pete…. 🙂 now next time you see Craig can you let him know this piece of information ???

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