What happened to the other eight?


I thought that cats were supposed to have nine lives, but sadly, ours only had one.

We only had Tiger for a few months, but in that short time, he managed to change my whole opinion of cats (previously I was never a fan). He showed me that amidst their seemingly snobby exterior, a cat can still offer a lot of love and affection, they can be fun to play with and be a constant source of entertainment with some of their seemingly crazy idiosyncrasies.

Last Friday night Tiger vomited a couple of times and we thought that it was probably caused by him eating some grass or something else outside that didn’t quite agree with him. We kept an eye on him over Saturday and Sunday and when his condition hadn’t improved we took him to the vet first thing on Monday morning.

It turned-out that he had contracted a urinary tract infection – something the vet explained was quite common in male cats, especially those that had been neutered and effectively the infection had caused a blockage, preventing him from being able to urinate properly.

If we had of known more about cats and their behaviours we might have been able to detect some of the early warning signs like how Tiger would often do a few small wees over a period of time instead of doing one big one, or that he spent more time licking his private parts than usual (and how much is ‘usual’? If I were a cat… or any animal that could do that… I’d spend a considerable amount of time down there as well). But as we’ve never had a cat before and had no idea about cats toiletry habits… we didn’t think anything of it.

By the time he had started vomiting, it was the first signs that his liver had pretty-much shut down and he already would have had toxins going through his body from the build-up of urine and other fluids, so even if we had of gotten him to the vet on the Friday evening, it most likely would have still been too late to reverse the damage.

The only option was to put him out of the pain he was going through and let him go.

We’ll miss you Tiger!


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  1. Pete that is so sad to hear !! I hope everyone is doing ok !!
    Losing a pet is very hard even if you have only had it for a short time.

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