Trivia Nights and PS3


I find it funny that I tend to suck at a lot of the things I enjoy the most… or as Kurt Cobain would say “I’m worst at what I do best… and for this gift, I feel blessed”.

Two of these things just happen to be gaming (of the computer or console variety) and trivia… and over the last couple of months, I’ve done a bit of both of these things.

A few weeks back, my folks retirement lifestyle village held their annual trivia night, so Kristy and I joined my brother Brett, his wife Lyndal and my Mum and Dad for a night of tricky questions. Last year our team was a little bigger and we came in second place, although there was only one point separating us from the winners and we later discovered that one of the questions was marked incorrectly, so technically we should have won… but this year, we didn’t do quite so well and came-in third place.

I am not brilliant at common knowledge stuff… I tend to say and do a lot of stupid things… my interests are centred around fairly niche topics (like computers, anything geeky, movies, music and comics) and you’re probably thinking “music” or “movies” is fairly broad, although the songs and flicks I find that I know most about usually fall slightly outside the mainstream stuff. But this all tends to be the stuff that makes for good trivia questions.

I also find myself able to pull answers out of my arse on things that I really shouldn’t know anything about – say, books for example – as I never read (unless it’s a blog or something online) I shouldn’t know the first thing about authors or best sellers etc. but strangely I was giving names of Bronte sisters and answering questions as to which ones were responsible for writing some of their classics. How do I know this? F*cked if I know… but I do. And it’s because of that, that I quite like trivia nights.

More recently we’ve had a nightmare few weeks with random, intermittent server issues which only seemed to affect a handful of select sites and even when those sites were being affected, the server loads and specs showed no signs of any problems – yet the sites were running slower than my grandmother on a treadmill. It took a solid couple of weeks of re-installing and upgrading server-side components, libraries, tweaking configuration variables and we finally discovered that due to a PHP update there were a couple of bugs and any sites using certain functions could have issues.

So, inbetween the issues, when the server was operational, I’d try and escape from life and forget about all the dramas via my PS3.

I played through Batman Arkham Asylum (which was really really fun), Assassin’s Creed (because I hadn’t played it yet, but Assassin’s Creed 2 looks pretty good and I wanted to get up-to-speed) and Infamous (which I’m still playing… much to Kristy’s dismay as I’ve been playing it a lot).

I was previously quite disappointed by current gaming trends as I’d be able to get through most games in a few days – and that’s saying something as I’m not a brilliant gamer, but I was pleasantly surprised that most of these games kept me interested for at least a week or two. Batman took a bit longer than usual cause I kept searching for all the extra hidden riddles and trying to complete every little task… and Infamous will require two complete play-throughs (one as a good guy and one as a bad guy) which will take a while because as it is, I’m only half-way through the game as a goodie.

Other than that, the only other thing worth reporting is that Skye and Scotty have joined our local gym and they’ve been trying to get me to go again. I went last Monday and it killed me. I couldn’t feel my arms or legs for 24 – 48 hours directly after the workout and I think I should have been happy about this because the 3 days that followed were agonising as my poor little (and I do mean little) muscles repaired themselves. And now they want me to go again tonight. I’m not keen, but I probably should.

So if you don’t see another blog post for a few weeks it could be because I feel like my arms have been pulled out of their sockets by Arnold Schwarzenegger thanks to my local gym… or work may have gotten in the way… but I’m really hoping to get back on top of things over the next few days.


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