Some advice (from personal experience)


When it’s your girlfriend’s birthday, make sure the first thing you do when you wake-up is wish her a happy birthday.

Now this doesn’t sound too tricky, but so far I’ve stuffed this up a couple of times over the years and this year was one of them.

Not to act as an excuse, but to give you a little background on the situation, I had been working late the night beforehand… had decided that I’d go on a health kick and start having breakfast which I normally never do and I also have a client meeting today, so I was thinking about what to wear etc.

So when my alarm went off I was a bit sluggish, Kristy was in the shower so I thought I’d have breakfast for the first time this year. Whilst having breaky I chatted with Caleb about some cartoons (he’s obsessed with Ben 10 at the moment)… then went to make a cup of coffee and discovered we needed more sugar.

It just so happened that Kristy came downstairs as I made this discovery so instead of saying “Happy Birthday” I turned to her and said “we need more sugar”…

Needless to say, Kristy wasn’t too impressed


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