Once again it’s been a while since my last update (this seems to be happening a lot lately).

In the ‘big update‘ I did a little over a month ago, I mentioned a few good things and a few bad.  One of the bad things was that our house was broken into.  Well it happened again.  They still didn’t get anything large, but they did manage to get some cash and a few of our geekier portable items like a little DVD player of Caleb’s, laptops etc.

So the last few weeks we’ve been going through the insurance claim process which is always more painful than it should be.  Work has also been really busy but some stuff is happening that’s helping the company grow and move in the right direction and we’ve got some big plans to push on ahead in 2009 (well, perhaps not big for some, but big for us).

I don’t have time to do a full update of everything at the moment, which will happen over the next week or so, but I do want to share with you something that brightened my day.  Lyndal (my sister-in-law) emailed me the follow video clip and I thought it was awesome (as is she for sharing this)… in fact, if you’re reading this and take the time to watch the video, you’re also up there with the best of them!  To everyone – you’re GREAT!


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