Riverfire, Father’s Day and Mixing Music


Last weekend (not the one that just finished but the one before that) we went to Riverfire (which for the uninitiated, is Brisbane’s most spectacular fireworks display that happens every year as part of the Brisbane River Festival).

Kristy’s work usually organises an event for the staff and their families which includes a couple of drinks, a BBQ meal and a good vantage point to see the fireworks display.  We went a few years ago, but as Caleb was a bit younger, the noise and commotion that comes with a fireworks display was a bit too much for him and he spent most of the show hiding under a blanket (a fatherly trait that I’m sure he could only have picked-up from me).

But this year Caleb seemed a lot more interested in going along and Kristy’s friends Trish and Dave were also planning on going, so we made a group booking and it was a great night.

On the train coming home, there were a lot of kids (and I’m not a huge fan of kids) so to amuse myself (and hopefully mentally block-out some of their noise) I started playing a few of my favorite tunes in my head.  This lead me to thinking… wouldn’t it be even better if instead of just playing these tunes in my head – I could mix them together and create my own little mental DJ mix.  So I did.  And the mix was awesome.

So when we got home, I jumped on the interweb and downloaded a trail version of some mixing software and since then I’ve been dabbling with various tunes and creating my own mixes.  Throughout this process I’ve learnt a few things:

  • It’s much harder to create a good mix than I originally anticipated
  • Mixing is more about choosing the right songs rather than the technique involved with blending two tracks
  • Finding the perfect tracks to use is tricky because the most common versions of popular music is the ‘radio edit’ which is short (only goes for a little over 3 minutes… so there’s no long intro/outro to use to blend songs either side of it).  Finding longer remixes of songs can be a bit trickier, but the process has been great because I’ve ended-up finding a lot of great stuff… and in some cases I actually like the remix more than the original
  • Mixing software can be fairly resource hungry, so if I’m going to mix anything longer than 3 tracks, I’m going to need a more powerful computer

The final thing that I’ve learnt is that I need a whole lot more practice because I’ve spent most nights for the last week playing and so far all I’ve got to show for it is the joining of two songs (and even that is pretty crap)… or perhaps I just need to change my target market to the hearing impaired.

This weekend it was Father’s Day and I didn’t do anything much at all.  On Friday night we enjoyed a few quiet drinks and some DVDs followed by a brief network outage on Saturday morning causing me to wake far earlier than I anticipated to the joyous sounds of clients wanting to know why their sites and emails weren’t working.  Thankfully the issue was resolved fairly quickly (within a few hours) and I was able to have an afternoon snooze before heading-out to see my niece Anna perform in a musical/dance concert that evening.

Sunday was fairly cruisy… just did some stuff around the house and watched a couple more movies.  My Father’s Day pressie (which is on its way) is a couple of cool Threadless T-shirts which Kristy ordered last week.

I have a sneaky suspicion that the next couple of weeks are going to be fairly busy as I’m compiling data for a new little work-related project plus a few other things that are ‘on the go’.  If anyone wants to help with the data I’m compiling, just add a comment below with a few brief words about what you think ‘web hosting’ is.  If you don’t know, that’s cool (perhaps even better) as I’d love to hear what different people think about the topic.


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