Belated Mother’s Day Brunch, Polish Clubs and Boutique Beers


A couple of weeks ago I had a weekend of catch-ups which started with a belated Mother’s Day Brunch at my sister’s place. Normally the family would all come together on the actual day of Mother’s day, but as Mum and Dad were away on an exciting bus trip to Flaxton over that weekend, we decided to shuffle the family get-to-gether back a couple of weeks. I’m not usually one for morning events, but you can’t go past breakfast food (any time of the day) and it’s always a lot of fun catching-up with the family.

From there, I proceeded to another catch-up with my old school mate Mick. We are both a bit lazy when it comes to keeping in contact (as I kind-of am with a lot of my friends and if any of you are reading this, please know that my lack of effort doesn’t mean I like you any less) and we generally only manage to catch-up every few months. When we do it’s always fun and usually involves a few beers. This time a fair bit has been happening in Mick’s life as he and his wife have just had a baby girl.

We caught-up at one of his local haunts – The Polish Club. I had never been there before and it was an interesting little place that was a cross between a social hall, a bistro and a bowls-club styled bar, populated predominantly by Polish people.  As Mick is Polish and a couple of my other high-school friends were, I managed to learn a few of the more important Polish phrases, although the only one I can still recall is: “pocaÅ‚uj mnie w dupÄ™”. If you know Polish and can muster your way through my incredibly poor pronunciation, hopefully you’ll figure-out that I’m attempting to say “Kiss My Ass”. While there was a strong part of me wanted to try and assimilate with the other Poles by speaking their natural tongue, I felt that blurting-out “Kiss My Ass” in a room full of drunks may not end well.

So before the effects of the very large Polish beer I had just consumed could kick-in (and potentially lead to some unintended trouble), we proceeded on from there to a really cool little boutique/craft beer bar called Scratch. The place is very hipster and having a beard is almost an entry requirement, but it was still very cool. You can sample beers in the same way one would taste a fine wine in a restaurant before having the waiter fill the rest of your glass and the selection of beers and ciders apparently change quite regularly. We only had a couple of beers whilst there, but I’ll definitely be heading back.


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