Kristy’s Family, George updates and Storms


Had a few crap days at work last week… luckily this week has been a lot more productive.

Last weekend was officially filled by Kristy’s family.  On Saturday afternoon her Dad and family came over for a BBQ which went well into the evening.  On Sunday morning we helped-out Kristy’s niece and then Sunday night Kristy’s Mum came over for dinner.  I love Kristy and her family, but at times they can be a bit painful.

George has been coming to work with me over the last couple of weeks and he had his first bath on the weekend.  He seemed to like playing in the water although wasn’t quite so excited when we started scrubbing him with the shampoo.  Because of his white and black spotted doggy-fro’ he looks kinda fat (and that’s not spelt with a ‘ph’) but the moment he gets wet, George starts looking like a drowned rat (albeit a cute one).  We took a couple of photos, but I haven’t downloaded them yet so you’ll have to take my word for it.

We also had him micro-chipped and vaccinated last Friday and this coming Tuesday evening he starts Puppy Preschool which should be interesting.

Other than that, the only other interesting thing that has been happening lately is the weather (yea, it’s kinda lame that I’m about to discuss the weather on my blog) but Brisbane has officially been declared a natural disaster zone (the weather bureau has likened the recent storms to a Category 2 cyclone).

There’s been flash flooding, whole suburbs devastated with some houses beyond repair.  24 hours after the first major storm, there were over 220,000 homes without power and nearly a week later (and a few more heavy downpours) there are still roughly 300 homes that are in the dark despite Energex and SES emergency workers operating in 24 hour shifts for the last 5 days.  The army have stepped-in to help with the clean-up and the government are providing financial assistance to families affected.

Lastnight’s downpour uprooted rail lines, flooded roads (there’s 11 mega-litres of water stuck in the Inner City Bypass tunnel which authorities are trying to figure-out how to clear)… schools have closed down due to water damage and transportation issues.  It’s really not pretty at the moment. The damage bill has been tipped to exceed $540 million.

My heart goes out to everyone affected and the tremendous efforts of the emergency crews and I’m eternally thankful that our house has remained watertight and unharmed.


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