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Once again we’re already at Wednesday and the week has been a blur!

Most of my evenings lately have been spent with organising my MP3 collection and ripping my old CD’s. I’ve just found some really handy software which makes the process a lot easier called “MediaMonkey”.

Previously I was using one piece of software to rip the music, another to change the bit rate to 128, 160 or 192 (depending on how good I want the quality of the track), then another to update the year, genre and CD cover graphics (plus a few other things) from Amazon… and finally uploading the tracks to my device using the Creative software that came with the device. It would appear that MediaMonkey does all this…. so hopefully the whole process of re-organising all my MP3’s will now be a little easier.

Today I went to the Sofitel with my parents, brother Brett, his wife Lyndal, sisters Michelle and Leanne and auntie Jill. Every Wednesday they have a seniors lunch deal and my family have a few birthday’s in and around July, so it was a great excuse to catch-up and have a nice meal.

The food was fantastic and spending time with my family is always fun (if you’ve ever met any of them you’d agree).

Yesterday I had another business coaching session and so far it’s going well – we’re still in the very early stages so nothing amazing has really happened but we’re slowly starting to structure Ingenuity a little better. My homework for this week is to come-up with a company vision and mission. From setting a definitive vision of what the company wishes to achieve (ie. world domination) we can then start to work on a mission statement that says how we’re going to do it… and after that we’ll work on setting-up a company culture.

All companies have some form of culture, whether they intentionally put one in place or not. Some businesses are always delegating tasks, passing the buck and are generally unmotivated. You can easily tell this the moment you walk in the door. Other companies have a much easier going environment with music playing and relaxed staff… others are more rigid and formal.

Most companies don’t decide what culture they wish their business to have and subsequently the staff create the culture for you. If you put some time and effort into deciding how you want your business to operate and what culture you wish to have, you can start operating like that right from day one and this can help improve general productivity, moral and simply make the business a much more enjoyable place to work.

We’re not at the stage of hire staff and moral certainly isn’t an issue – but it will be good to get these foundations in place now so that when we do reach that stage, we’re prepared.

I also learnt more about the sales process and ways to make people want to buy from you without being annoying or overbearing.

So that’s been my week so far.


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